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ACCELERATE YOUR RECRUITMENT PROCESS with our industry-leading background checks

Global Reach | Regional Expertise | Delivered Locally

Start your path with CheckMinistry. Our compliant end-to-end intelligent solution ensures an accurate, consistent and cost-effective hiring for your business.


Join us and watch us build that world

We see a world where everyone deserves, and gets, only the best at work. A world where we help your people onboard faster, and work with capable people whom they know they can trust.


To provide industry-leading background checks faster, more accurately and seamlessly.

AI-Driven Technologies

AI-driven technologies with competitive pricing.

Optimise every facet of SME to Enterprise solutions with in-market support and expertise for best-in-class service.

Why CheckMinistry?

SaaS client Procurement Model.

Your business works smarter with streamlined solutions & efficient workflow

Domain Experience

Employee screening being a specialized function, needs deep domain expertise to create a product which will be well adopted

Constant Innovation

Continuous innovation and development of products to stay steps ahead of the traditional service providers.

Technology Edge

Portals built from scratch without any legacy entanglement to ensure a flawless customer experience and a scalable business model.

In-Market Experience

In-market experience in Asia Pacific, covering key business and industry hubs in Asia.

Future Evolution

Future Evolution

AI-based technologies monitored by our industry experts to reduce manual work and eliminate human errors.