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Race to win. Get your Background check report in 50% of the usual time

Let us sprint for you – our real-time updates and milestone deliverables will help you onboard the right talent a lot faster.

What checks do you need?

Address Check

Verify the candidate’s address to ensure they hold a valid residential address and can work in your business location

Civil Litigation Check

Find out if your candidate had previously been involved in any civil lawsuits, including any personal injury, domestic or negligence claims by their former employers, customers or business partners


Education Check

Check if your candidate’s qualifications are legitimate. We will check with the awarding institution to confirm whether your candidate had successfully graduated, and with the local education ministry to confirm that the institution is not unaccredited or a degree mill.

Global Sanctions & PEP Check

Ensure compliance by checking that your candidate is not on major international sanction lists issued by all major international regulators and law enforcement authorities

Employee Background Checks

Catering for all Industries Across the Globe


We understand the challenges in the HR recruitment process, so CheckMinistry provides client-centric service by building an intuitive interface with tailored service compositions.

Employee Background Check Solution

Screen Globally & Stay on top of Compliance changes

Our SaaS model with built-in full end-to-end workflow based program ensure our turnaround time is at least 50% lower than our competitors and fullfill local compliance requirements.

Global Reach | Regional Expertise | Delivered Locally

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