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Speed, Transparency, and Innovation

Speed, Transparency,

and Innovation

Speed, Transparency, and Innovation

in Global Background Screening

in Background Screening

We’re CheckMinistry, and we’re here to change the game in background screening across Asia. The secret behind our results? Speed and Transparency. We’re the fastest in the business, covering 150 countries globally. Our edge? A core team with 20+ years of experience in background screening and HR operations. We’ve built a solution from the ground up, tackling HR’s frustrations head-on.

Join us as we redefine the background check industry.

Our Vision

We see a world where everyone deserves, and gets, only the best at work. A world where we help your people onboard faster, and work with capable people whom they know they can trust.

Our Mission

To provide industry-leading background checks faster, accurately and seamlessly. 

From vision to reality

We’re Turning

Background Checks into an Experience

Background Checks

into an Experience

After years in the background screening industry, we had enough of cumbersome processes, slow turnarounds, vague results, and frustrating candidate experiences. We asked, why should it be this way? So, we decided to create the screening business we envisioned. We put technology and client success front and center, delivering efficiency at the lowest possible cost. Starting fresh, we’ve left behind outdated processes and embraced technology and automation from Day 1.

Today, CheckMinistry’s automated screening, powered by RegTech and AI, is replacing manual-screening analysts, disrupting traditional providers, and making background checks better for our clients. 

100,000+ Checks and Counting

100,000+ Checks

and Counting

Across Asia Pacific

With 100,000+ checks under our belt, we’ve earned the trust of leading Global MNCs in effectively mitigating their hiring risks across Asia Pacific and beyond.

Based in Hong Kong, our dedicated team extends across China, Singapore, India, and Malaysia. The best thing about us is that we blend automation with a personal touch, shaping the ‘ideal’ background screening experience based on client feedback. Expect a world of difference when you choose us.