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Twice the speed, for less

Twice the speed

for less

Uncover the unseen! Master the game of hiring by fortifying your team with AI-enabled background checks – staying steps ahead in a competitive world.

Verification Suite

All Your Needs in One Place

All Your Verification Needs

In One Place

From employment records to criminal histories, education verification to reference checks, our diverse selection of services empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence. 

Identity Check

Discover confidence in every identity.

Our comprehensive Identity Verification services, including Address, ID, Passport, Driver License, and Right to Work checks, ensure your workforce is built on a foundation of authenticity and reliability.

Address Check
ID Check
Passport Check
Driver License Check
Right to Work Check
ID Check
Driver License Check
Right to Work Check


Building teams on a foundation of integrity.

Discover deeper insights into your candidates’ background through our Integrity Checks. From civil litigation and credit history to integrity declarations and CV verification, we help you hire with confidence.

Credit Check Civil Litigation Check Credit Check Civil Litigation Check
Bankruptcy Check Bankruptcy Check Credit Check CV Check
Credit Check Civil Litigation Check Credit Check Civil Litigation Check


Navigating trust with our Reputation Check.

We meticulously examine global sanctions, PEP lists, directorships, financial regulations, adverse media, social media footprint, criminal records, and insurance compliance, providing a holistic view for confident decisions.

Global Sanctions & PEP Check Directorship Check Financial Regulatory Check Global Sanctions & PEP Check
Adverse Media Check Social Media Check Criminal Check Adverse Media Check
Insurance Regulatory Check Insurance Agent Check Insurance Regulatory Check Insurance Agent Check


Credentials confirmed, risks mitigated.

Our robust verification process covers Education, Employment, Salary, Professional License & Membership, and Reference checks. Count on us to confirm qualifications and professional history with precision.

Education Check Employment Check Salary Verification Check Education Check
Professional License & Membership Reference Check Professional License & Membership CV Check
Education Check Employment Check Salary Verification Check Education Check

A closer look at

Our background screening process

Our screening process

Experience transparency, efficiency, and security throughout your background screening journey with CheckMinistry. Tailor-made checks, secure interactions, stringent processing, and punctual report delivery – all in one comprehensive process.

HR Initiation
Select a screening package that fits your needs. Simply input your candidate’s name and contact details to set the screening wheels in motion
Candidate Submission
The candidate receives an email invitation, submits their information on the CheckMinistry portal, and grants consent – all within the embrace of absolute confidentiality.
Processing and Quality Assurance
Our dedicated team processes the data, combining technology and human expertise, ensuring accuracy and security.
Timely Report Delivery

Within 3 business days, we deliver a comprehensive screening report, meeting agreed-upon KPIs. This is one of the key features of our services.


Combined with

Artificial Intelligence

Discover our SaaS model featuring an integrated end-to-end workflow program, assuring a turnaround time at least 50% quicker than our competitors, all while ensuring complete compliance with local regulations.


Count on our industry experts to provide top-tier monitoring and customization services, ensuring the safety and tailored excellence of your project before delivery.

Accreditations & Security standard

Trust CheckMinistry: Our ISO-27001 certification and strict adherence to local data privacy regulations guarantee a compliant background screening services.

Results in real-time
Stay informed with real-time progress monitoring and instant access to results, no matter where you are.
Automatic Workflow based Program
Simplify your background screening process effortlessly with our intuitive platform, featuring built-in compliance requirements that minimize human errors.

Seamless Integration

with ATS & HRIS Partners

ATS & HRIS Partners

HRIS Partners

Tired of redundant data entries?

Simplify your hiring process with our open API integration. Initiate background checks with a single click and stay in the loop with real-time updates on screening progress, all conveniently accessible through your ATS or HRIS portal.



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