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What is an employee background check (EBGC)?
An EBGC verifies a candidate’s work history and personal information for accuracy before onboarding. It helps employers ensure qualifications and identify potential red flags.
What is the CheckMinistry accuracy rate?
CheckMinistry aims for a 99% accuracy rate, using verified data from credible sources like court records and news filings. We employ a multi-faceted approach and advanced technology to automate 90% of electronic background checks, ensuring faster and more precise results.
FCRA Employer Obligations
CheckMinistry complies with FCRA, state, and local regulations. We follow guidelines to protect clients (e.g. not collecting ID numbers in South Korea, referencing PIPA). Employers must also comply with their local laws.
Does FCRA apply to companies with only a few employees?
Yes, FCRA applies to all businesses regardless of size. You can request consumer reports if they meet the defined criteria, regardless of employee count.
Does CheckMinistry integrate with ATS and HRIS?
Yes, CheckMinistry is a top Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resources Information System (HRIS) integration partner.
CheckMinistry's data security & privacy measures?
CheckMinistry employs highly secure cloud infrastructure with SHA-256 encryption for sensitive data, access control provisions, and explicit consent requirements before sharing any information.
CheckMinistry's average turnaround time?
3 – 7 working days. Our SaaS model and full automation guarantee a turnaround time at least 50% faster than competitors due to our advanced screening system. No manual analysts or annual leave involved.
Why is Background Screening important?
Background screening is crucial for hiring. Candidates may hide flaws, posing risks like fraud or theft. Some countries require checks for sensitive roles or jobs involving vulnerable groups. Pre-employment screening saves time, money, and heartbreak.
How do some screening companies offer Instant Online Results?
Instant results are possible by using old public records, leading to limited and outdated information. Relying on such data can cause issues, so CheckMinistry avoids offering such checks.
Consequences of neglecting an employee background check?
Employee background checks verify qualifications, including criminal record, employment history, and education. Skipping this process can lead to hiring unqualified or potentially harmful individuals, risking team culture and data security.
EBGC checks & custom packages availability?
We provide 20+ checks in 200+ countries. You can tailor your own packages based on your needs. Checks include Criminal Record Search, Credit Check, Employment History, and more. Our account managers can advise based on your industry and candidate profile. Contact us now.
How CheckMinistry helps with incomplete candidate documents?
CheckMinistry offers system-generated periodic reminders for timely completion and the option for direct follow-up to handle insufficiency resolution on behalf of clients.


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