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Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing the Right Background Screening Provider (Part 1)

Choosing a background screening provider doesn’t have to be a headache! Get the scoop on what to look for and make your hiring process a breeze.
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In today’s job market, it’s essential to find the perfect candidate. But before you start celebrating your new hire, you must do a thorough background check. You might ask why because making an incorrect hiring decision can cause serious problems. It may waste your time, exhaust your money, or even pollute the environment at work. This is where a background screening provider comes into play.

The presence of many providers in the market can make it difficult to choose the right one. Nevertheless, there is no reason to worry as we have got your back. We suggest that you consider the following advice which will help you make an informed decision without getting caught up by bogus sellers:

#1 Pitfall: Ignoring Compliance


Depending on your jurisdiction, background checks require personal information that is private by nature and may be governed by different sets of rules. Therefore, if you choose a provider who does not comply with these regulations, it can put you in a lot of legal trouble including fines and lawsuits.


  • Check for compliance with local laws: Before you sign any contracts with a background screening service provider, make sure that they follow data protection acts and privacy laws, along with other background screening requirements applicable in your jurisdiction.
  • Ensure data security: Opt for suppliers who have strong measures for securing candidates’ sensitive data.

By prioritizing compliance, you can avoid legal repercussions and ensure a fair and secure hiring process.

#2 Pitfall: Unclear Screening Policy


When you don’t have a clear screening policy, there’s no standard for evaluating all individuals who come into contact with your establishment. This can result in uneven decision making; potential legal problems and confusion among everyone concerned.


  • Formulate an all-inclusive policy:
    • Who should be screened? Be sure to include full-time employees, part-time staff members, contractors, or vendors with access to sensitive information as well as volunteers
    • What checks should we run? It depends on the level of risk involved–criminal records check, employment verification, and reference checking.
  • Establish disqualification standards: List specific grounds for disqualifying people based on findings from background checks. Tailor the standards to the risks and duties of each position. Consequently, this will ensure fairness and prevent claims of prejudice.
  • Be clear: All candidates – potential workers (permanent or temporary), independent contractors, or vendors dealing with confidential data – must be informed about how their pasts are verified when they apply for these jobs or during orientation if already hired. This will improve credibility and allow candidates to resolve any issues before being disqualified.

By prioritizing a clear, compliant policy, you achieve a balance. Moreover, it covers legal adherence, fair decision-making, and risk reduction for all who interact with your organization.

#3 Pitfall: Skipping Candidate Consent


One major mistake employers often make is not obtaining informed consent from candidates before carrying out background checks. This infringes upon their right to privacy and may attract legal consequences.


  • Explicit and informed consent: A clear consent form written in simple language should be provided to the candidate before any background check is initiated. This form should explain the following things:

    • The name or type of investigation you will perform.
    • Why do you do that (e.g., verifying qualifications, ensuring a safe working environment)
    • Their right to access and review the results.
    • Their right to dispute any inaccuracies.
    • How their information will be used, stored, and disposed of.

By making informed consent a priority, you can build trust with candidates. You can also ensure compliance with regulations

#4 Pitfall: DIY Background Checks


Conducting background checks yourself might seem like a cost-saving measure, but it can lead to inaccurate information, legal violations, and wasted time.


  • Partner with a reputable provider:
    • Professional expertise: Background screening companies possess adequate information and skills, as well as wide-ranging access to trusted databases necessary for conducting thorough and compliant investigations.
    • Compliance risks: It is difficult for non-experts to navigate through complex privacy laws around data protection or even employment screening rules. Nonetheless, the best approach is working with providers who adhere to such regulations, thereby reducing legal liabilities.
    • Accuracy and efficiency: Because professionals use broader data sources plus verification methods, their findings are considered accurate and take less time since they know what works where.

  • Consider your needs: Talk about your specific requirements with potential vendors to get a cost-effective service package that details applicants’ histories sufficiently.

When you deal with reliable providers of background check services, you tap into knowledge areas and observe statutory provisions while making recruitment faster alongside more dependable results.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll discuss additional crucial factors to consider when selecting a background screening provider, empowering you to make informed decisions for a secure and efficient hiring process.

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