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Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing the Right Background Screening Provider (Part 2)

Don’t get bogged down in the background screening maze! Learn the insider tips to pick the right service provider and supercharge your hiring journey.
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Part 1 addressed some crucial aspects to consider when choosing a background screening service provider, focusing on legal compliance and clear communication. However, a compliant and transparent process is only half the battle. Let’s delve deeper into the challenges you, as an employer, might face during the process. In this part, we’ll explore pitfalls related to technology, speed, support, and customization – all factors impacting your hiring efficiency and overall experience.

#5 Pitfall: Relying on Outdated Technology


Background screening technology is constantly evolving. When background checks rely on old-fashioned technology, they will yield inaccurate results, slow down the process, compromise security, and overlook warning signs.


Partner with a provider who uses cutting-edge automation in screening that is powered by RegTech and AI, and at the same time benefit from human expertise synergy. Here’s why:

  • Automated screening: Utilize cutting-edge RegTech and AI to swiftly collect information from databases, making the process smoother and more precise.
  • Integration with ATS: Use advanced technologies like RegTech and AI to quickly collect information from different databases, making the process smooth and accurate.
  • Continuous monitoring: Enable continuous monitoring through AI-driven technologies, especially for roles requiring perpetual risk management.
  • Efficiency and accuracy: Combine tech-driven automation with human expertise for faster turnaround times and reliable outputs.

By prioritizing modern background screening technology, you can ensure a faster, more accurate, and secure hiring process while mitigating potential risks.

#6 Pitfall: Slow Turnaround Times (TAT)


Lengthy background checks can significantly delay your hiring process, leading to:

  • Loss of top talent
  • Delayed onboarding
  • Negative candidate/employer experience


Choose a background screening service provider known for fast turnaround times. Ensure the provider prioritizes speed without compromising compliance with data privacy regulations. Many providers offer expedited background checks for urgent hiring needs. However, weigh the cost-benefit of expedited options against your specific needs.

By prioritizing speed and choosing a provider with a proactive and efficient system, you can significantly reduce turnaround times and ensure a smooth, timely hiring process.

#7 Pitfall: Lack of Local Support


If you have an international presence or complicated legal requirements, picking a background screening firm without local support could create problems. Besides, differences in time zones and language barriers can obstruct communications and prompt decision-making.


Choose a background screening service provider who is present either locally or nationally. This includes:

  • Compliance expertise: Support from a team familiar with the specific regulations applicable to your location.
  • Effective communication: Clear communication with the support team in your preferred language to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Timely assistance: Online help services should be available during working time for prompt problem-solving.

Thus, by prioritizing a background screening service provider with local support, you may enhance the effective and lawful recruitment process within your territory.

#8 Pitfall: Lack of Customization in Background Screening Plans


Often, these generic background screening plans are not built to address your organization’s specific needs or different job roles. Consequently, this can cause extra expenses, incomplete details, and inefficiencies.


Look for a provider offering customizable background screening plans. These may involve:

  • Tiered packages: Choose from different pre-set options that contain varying checks based on the level of risk (e.g., basic package for administrative roles, comprehensive one for financial positions).
  • A la carte options: Select any checks required (employment verification, reference checks, criminal history), thereby enabling you to create a personalized package for each role.

By putting scalable programs first, it is possible to develop customized hiring processes that help the company save money and deliver the right information required for making sound decisions on talent acquisition.

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