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Frequently Asked Questions

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Employee Background Check

What is an employee background check (EBGC)?

An employee background check (EBGC) checks individual’s work history and personal information for accuracy. Most companies do this after the employment offer has been made, and before the candidate onboards.

This helps employers verify that a job candidate is qualified and eligible for the position, and identifies potential red flags that might jeopardize their performance at work.

What is the CheckMinistry accuracy rate?

We strive for a 99% accuracy rate by using only verified information from credible data sources (e.g. court records, news filings), and adopt a multi-faceted approach to ensure the accuracy of the information we access.

For example, our tech-driven technology automates almost 90% of electronic background checks. This significantly reduces the effort needed to sort through records in a faster and more precise manner.

FCRA: What Are The Employer's Obligations?

In addition to the FCRA, CheckMinistry is bound by state and local regulations. We also follow local guidelines (even before they become the law) in order to protect our clients in advance e.g. we do not collect ID numbers in South Korea even if the candidate is willing to provide (ref: Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA))

Additionally, employers must ensure they are compliant with the applicable laws and requirements in their jurisdiction.

Do I have to comply with the FCRA even though I only have a few employees?

There is no difference between a small business owner and a big corporation under the FCRA. You can request consumer reports on applicants or employees if the information you need meets the definition, and in addition to the FCR definition, the data is compiled by consumer reporting agencies irrespective of the number of employees in your company

Is CheckMinistry Integrated with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Human Resources Information System (HRIS)?

As a leading ATS and HRIS integration partner, CheckMinistry integrates with several of the industry’s leading systems.

How do some employee screening companies provide Instant Online Results?

Instant results are possible when firms collect or purchase old public records on individuals, which is why the results you get with such “instant” checks are limited to only searching within those data (often incomplete and outdated). Such companies typically sells its disclaimer, not a proper background check.

Making a hiring decision based on such data quality can cause even more problems, which is why CheckMinistry does not believe in nor offer such checks.

What are the data security & privacy measures that CheckMinistry has in place?

CheckMinistry employs highly secure, state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure for information security. The CheckMinistry platform’s community and sub-community structure allow for robust access control provisions. Hypersensitive data, such as some national IDs, are stored using SHA-256 encryption and stored in secure data vaults. Private information, such as ID numbers, mobile numbers, etc., are masked in the status and consolidated reports. No info on CheckMinistry can be shared with anyone without explicit consent (authorisation) of the individual to whom such data or document belongs.

What is CheckMinistry's average turnaround time?

3 – 7 working days.

Thanks to our SaaS model and full end-to-end automation, we can ensure the fastest turnaround time is at least 50% lower than our competitors. Our automated screening system replaces hundreds of manual screening analysts and does not take annual leave.

Why is Background Screening important?

Every job interview is like a date, and your candidate will naturally sell only their best traits to you. And if you don’t check their backgrounds, you’ll never know if who you hired is genuine or a fake.

The strongest, and weakest, link in any company is always people. Your talent investment could end up being the best, most capable hire, or a fraud costing your company huge wasted dollars each month…or worse, steal your proprietary information.

In some countries, background checks are mandated as a regulatory requirement prior to hiring, especially for sensitive roles or jobs that deal with vulnerable groups (e.g. teachers, social services, medical staff, drivers).

Simply investing in pre-employment screening can save you time, money and heartbreak.

What are the impact of not doing an employee background check?

An employee background check (EBGC) is a process employers use to verify that an individual is qualified for the position they have applied for. This process can include checking an applicant’s criminal record, employment history, and education.

Not doing a background check on potential employees can lead to hiring the wrong person (or someone with a malicious past), which can adversely impact the team culture or even result in modern-day data security threats.

What checks can be conducted under EBGC? Do you offer tailored packages?

We offer over 20+ checks across more than 200 countries; choose and create only the packages that you need.

These checks include but are not limited to Criminal Record Search, Civil Litigation, Credit Check, Academic Verification, Employment History, Conflict of Interests, and more.

Our account managers can also suggest the right checks for you, depending on your industry and candidate profile. Get in touch today.

How can you help if a candidate does not submit complete documents/information?

The CheckMinistry platform enables you to send system-generated periodic reminders to candidates to complete registration on time and to provide any missing information or document(s). We also offer our clients the option to have us follow up with candidates directly so that they can outsource the complete process to us and not have to worry about insufficiency resolution.

I have a few questions that are not mentioned here. How do I reach out?

To know more about EBGC and related concepts or to learn more about CheckMinistry EBGC offerings and methodologies, please send us an email at